Weekly Photo Challenge

Steve Miller plays Monochromatic…Abracadabra

Creepy Cemetery Contemplation

Just Concrete beneath my favorite feet

Beneath your 1353…feet

This one got a mention…
Photo’s we loved: “Beneath your feet”

More than a door…
naples10-4 492_1

Half and Half…J’s eye on viking in the sky…

Macro’s Muse
Picture 5229 (20)_1_1_1

Muse maJic…My View

Picture 4693_1_1
Roy G. Biv meets…A. Gustave Eiffel

Driving Mr. Roy G. Biv

Everybody has a different perspective, it all depends on the angular@which u lay…

Angle…U lay


My Minimalist

My mini…Minimalist

Decent depends…

Descent from danger…

Cover Art 2…Be Your own Cover Art…

The song that you play, as you create your story, each can… Untitled1



Cover Art …dirty deeds…

covering, the dirty fingers of dirty deeds done dirt cheap.


Givin’ you the blues …from my eye on Bikes, Blues & BBQ’s.

Broken hearts, give a call, have a ball.

When you take a stand…

Got you COVER’d …it’s your back door man.  J

Cover Art

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